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"Philip is extraordinarily gifted. He guides people in their instinctive quest to be more authentically “connected” to themselves, others, and their life purpose. He enables people to get out of their heads, and into their hearts, where real knowing and change occurs. Most importantly, he leads by example and walks his talk. Philip’s exceedingly grounded, humble and deeply personal approach are possibly the most powerful aspects of his delivery, and fosters an extremely safe and comfortable atmosphere to do this kind of work."


"The first time I saw McKernan coach, I was blown away. He didn't have any of the attributes you would assume a good coach would have - except the most important: his method. I'd personally never seen this combination before (and I've seen hundreds of coaches) - a coach who was deeply kind, caring and supportive, but also relentless, demanding and unyielding.It was like he loved his clients so much that he refused to let them hide."


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